Thursday, February 07, 2008

Installing ImageMagick and RMagick on OS X

I ran into a little problem the other day.  I needed to use ImageMagick and RMagick to do some image handling in a system I am working on.  So I busted out the "Rails Cookbook" from O'Reilly, and followed along with the directions of setting up my development machine.  Part way through their tutorial nothing was working at all so I decided to look for some other directions on getting everything set up.  I found some information leading me to believe that Mac Ports would be the best way to install both ImageMagick and RMagick.  This turns out to be only half true, while ImageMagick works great from the Mac Ports install RMagick does not.  The solution I found was to use gems to install RMagick.  Word of caution once you install RMagick with Mac Ports it blows away all your gems.  I have had to reinstall all of my gems including Rails 1.2.3.  Take my advice with a grain of salt but this is what I had found out.


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